Rory and Yolanda

Meet Rory and Yolanda


Yo Rory Daisy 2

Thanks for taking time to learn about us and our hopes for adoption. We understand that making a plan for your child's future takes a lot of courage and hope you can see us as part of your plan.

We are committed to open adoption because we want our child to know where they came from and be proud of who they are. Knowing their birth parents and why their birth parents made a plan for them will be an important part of their story.

About Us

Yolanda grew up in Texas, where she built model rockets and explored her neighborhood by bike with her older brother. She brings care and attention to everything she does, whether it’s baking treats for friends who are under the weather, installing an irrigation system for our garden, or looking after our toddler nieces.

Rory grew up in a co-housing community near Seattle where he was a favorite babysitter for community families. Rory loves kids and kids love Rory because they know he’s happy to play with them. Our nephew’s nickname for him is Uncle Rock, which fits him perfectly. He’s solid, reliable, and calm under pressure.

We met while working on a campaign together. We gradually got to know each other during the campaign, and after it was over, Yolanda summoned the courage to kinda-sorta ask Rory out. On our second date, we only planned to meet for brunch, but then kept thinking of other things to do (go for a walk, take care of the dog, eat dinner, watch a movie), and ended up spending the entire day together.

Community is important to us and we’ve built a community where a child can thrive. We host weekend brunch gatherings every month with our friends, many of whom are parents themselves. We live near some great parks where we play fetch with our dog Daisy. We’re looking forward to the day when we can bring our kid to the nearby farmer’s market, take them trick-or-treating around the neighborhood, and meet their British cousins in London.  


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