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Hi! We are Blaine and Kendall Carver. We met in 2012 at Seattle Pacific University. Blaine, being a year older, knew Kendall's older sister Brittany because she played on the women's soccer team at SPU. Before Kendall came to SPU, Brittany and Blaine happened to sit with each other in the school cafeteria and Brittany told Blaine he would marry her younger sister one day. Laughing about it, little did they know what was to come! We (Kendall and Blaine) began hanging out in the same group of friends when Kendall arrived at school that fall. Blaine asked Kendall on a Valentine's date, and the rest is history. Blaine proposed 2 years later (Jan. 2014) and we got married in Newport Beach, CA on July 4, 2014. We are grateful every single day to be married to our best friend and teammate.

As I (Kendall) am one of five kids and Blaine is one of three, we have always wanted a large family and to share our love and passions with our children. When we got married, we enjoyed two years together before trying to start our family.

Three years later, we've gone through medical procedures, tears and prayer to arrive at an infertility diagnosis. Although we have not been able to deliver a biological child, we believe strongly that God has graciously led us to adoption. Bringing a child into our home to love is our heart's desire- we have so much love to share!

I was born and raised in Irvine, California but have been living in the Pacific Northwest for 9 years now. I am currently a 2nd grade teacher (formerly a kindergarten teacher for 3 years) and it is my heart’s joy and passion teaching kids! Thankfully, I have the opportunity to stop working and be with the baby full-time. Blaine was born and raised in Soldotna, Alaska in a fishing town about 2 ½ hours south of Anchorage. He works as a financial advisor loves being able to impact lives.

Family is very important to us. We are thankful to have a sister and brother- in- law in Seattle and family that visits often.

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Our hobbies and interests include being active outside together- hiking, biking, running, tennis, hosting friends for dinner, spending time with family, cooking together, drinking coffee, watching sports, and volunteering at a non-profit in our neighborhood along with our local church. We live in a 2-bedroom condo that overlooks the beach. We love taking walks together down to the beach. In the summers we love picnicking there together as well.

We are a fun, loving, stable, supportive Christian family waiting to begin sharing a special bond with you. Our home is full of prayer, love, laughter, happiness, and support. We would be blessed to share this and much more with a child. We will love this baby with all our hearts, provide for their needs, keep them safe, help them feel secure, be there to listen and understand, lead them in the right paths, ensure a good education and self-esteem, and encourage their dreams to become realities. We will make sure that he or she is always our priority. We will provide unconditional love and support through the joys and challenges of life.

We would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to share with you about ourselves and express again how much respect and admiration we have for you considering us to be adoptive parents to your child. We look forward to meeting with you and we pray that God will guide you to the right family!