Meet Bill, Deanna & Lucas


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our family. This is a challenging time with big decisions to make. Know that we are holding you in our hearts and prayers as you make the best possible decision for you and your child. To help you in this process, we’d love to share our family story with you.

Once upon a time (okay almost 20 years ago now!), we met in a Bible study where we became good friends who talked the hours away and had fun adventures with friends. We were married a few years later and spent the first five years of our marriage pursuing our dreams and deepening our relationship. When we were ready to become parents, we discovered that we were struggling with infertility. Deanna had a heart for adoption ever since she was a teenager, but we also wanted biological children - part Bill, part Deanna - so we went back and forth between fertility treatments and adoption for several years. Eventually, we got the closure we needed that allowed us to go “all in” on becoming parents through adoption and, about 2 years later, 13 month old Lucas became a part of our family.   Parenting has given us a deep sense of purpose, even in the midst of the challenges.




As a family, we enjoy spending time together appreciating and making music; playing sports like tennis, baseball, basketball, and biking; being outdoors by camping, hiking, fishing, sledding/snowshoeing, and kayaking; growing our own fruits and vegetables; traveling to see family and exploring new places; savoring the everyday moments of life like reading books, snuggling, crafting, and enjoying food like popcorn for movie night and big breakfasts; and making time to be with good friends.