Should I Use an Agency or a Lawyer?

Why use an agency to place your baby?  Birthparents often reach for an attorney to place their baby thinking it will be simpler and  less intrusive.  We at Adoption Services are dedicated to provide  SUPPORT, CHOICES and understand of RIGHTS, not just placement of your baby. If placement is all you need of course we will follow your lead. However it seems it is rarely that simple.

Our AGENCY SUPPORT means we have emergency funds for a phone, bus pass, food, clothing, shelter and other essential needs.  This is available for pregnancy women who are considering adoption and need time to sort out their needs and plans for the baby. The help is without obligation to place for adoption.

We have lots of CHOICES of couples.  An attorney may have a few adoptive parents to consider.  Our waiting pool has many couples, all who cannot have a baby – from Spokane and surrounding area, and birthparents will have a variety to choose from in their search for the perfect couple.

Additionally we provide caring (not intrusive) emotional support, we are available by text or phone 24/7 (well almost), and you can have all the privacy you need in making this decision.  Your RIGHTS are explained fully and protected, we are very experienced in dealing with birthfather rights, and we bring a total of about eighty years collective experience to your needs.