Open Adoption

Open Adoption is about choosing the adoptive parents and knowing them well enough to trust them with your precious child. It involves studying portfolios of hopeful adoptive parents, choosing, meeting, and establishing a relationship with them prior to the birth. With an open adoption you have the option of direct and ongoing contact with adoptive parents both pre and post birth.
• Open adoption gives a child some of the most fundamental answers he needs in life because his birthparent(s) have chosen the new parents and met at least one time.
• Open adoption gives parents the tools they need to better understand their child.
• Open adoption answers two of the most basic questions asked by birthparent: Is my child safe? How does my child feel about me?
• Open adoption provides less worry for birthparents empowers them with basic choices and rights.

A level of openness is really about the process of setting up the adoption and the choices a birthparent makes at that time. Studies support openness in adoption for all parties. They also have shown us that children are not confused by open adoption.