The Tripp Family

Maureen and Nancy helped lay the foundation for our intricate relationship built between birth parents and us.  While building these new relationships, they helped us to feel secure and confident in our unique situation. Chad and I now have 2 amazing birth mothers that have become a part of our family. We come together as a family and visit with them as often as life will allow. The levels of openness and communication have grown between all of us over the years as we have all been very open to “open adoption.”

Having the birth parent’s spend time with the boys is healthy, and we have always wanted them to be loved by as many people as possible.  So, to deny that relationship would be unnatural for us.  As time goes on, we realize that birth and adoptive don’t matter as much as just being family, being honest and truthful for the sake of the boys. As these relationship’s were established for THEIR well-being.

Open adoption has been a great journey that has brought us not only our 3 beautiful boys but also additional family members whom we love and respect with our whole hearts.

Chad & Brionn Tripp
Spokane, WA