Meet Andrea & Thomas


With Dogs

Hello, we’re Thomas and Andrea and we are looking to adopt.  Before we begin sharing our story with you, we want to thank you for your courage in pursuing this journey that you are on.

We met each other on an online dating website called Christian Mingle.  From the very beginning, we connected talking with one another. For both of us, it was the connection that we had before we met each other in person that attracted us to one another. We had lengthy conversations about life and each other.  We soon decided that we wanted to meet.  We went on our first date to Panera and a movie together and our relationship blossomed from there.  It did not take very long to realize that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.

We both love having adventures and making memories. We both like to hike, go horseback riding, go to the movies, go out to dinner, painting, traveling and just spending time with one another. We both are of the Christian faith and are looking for a church to become more involved in here in Spokane.

Our marriage has been a complete adventure together.  Through 5 years of marriage, deployments around the world with the Air Force, moves across the country, and a journey through infertility, we have enjoyed making memories with one another.  We look forward to what the future holds for us as we begin a new chapter for our family.

We live in the beautiful Eastern Washington on Fairchild Air Force Base. Our home is a single-family house, ranch style with 4 bedrooms, 2 ½ baths, 2 living rooms, kitchen and has a spacious back yard that is fenced in. The yard has enough room for our highly energetic dogs and would be big enough for a child to play in.

Thomas is currently a pilot in the Air Force. Thomas has always had a passion to fly airplanes as his career. He has a commitment to serve in our Armed Forces and does so with pride and dignity. He places nation above self and makes the daily sacrifice in the service of his country. His hobbies include: playing sports, playing video games, golfing and hiking.

Andrea is a social worker and has been practicing social work for over 10 years. She loves the work that she does and the people she works with. Andrea is a program coordinator with a local agency here in Spokane. She works with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and has a passion to help others. Her hobbies include: horseback riding, sailing, crafts, walking and hiking.

Our journey to build a family has been a difficult one. We have unsuccessfully tried for a child on our own for years. Through that long road, we never gave up hope of one day having a family to call our own. It has always been in our hearts to adopt a child one day because Andrea, herself, was also adopted at a very young age. We are so excited for the opportunities ahead of us to finally begin the family that we have always dreamed of. Andrea also has a sister who is adopted; therefore, she has also grown up in an adopted family.

We have both been blessed with wonderful families. Both sides of our families live out of state, but we make plans to see them when we can. We keep in contact with them fairly often and they all are excited for us to adopt and can’t wait to meet him or her.

If we had to sum ourselves up in a single sentence, we would say we are loving, sincere people with a genuine love for God, each other and others.

with Monkey