Meet Stuart & Michelle


We met 20 years ago working in a bagel shop in Bellingham.  After a year of long conversations while slicing bagels, we realized we were nuts about each other.  We’ve been all-in on everything life throws at us ever since.


After graduating from Western Washington University, Stuart went on to fulfill his dream of being a chef, attending culinary school in Bellingham and then a culinary institute in Italy.  He is currently Executive chef and owner of two nationally renowned restaurants in Seattle.  While he loves Italian food, on weekends he enjoys trying new cuisines.  He’s always wanted to teach our child how to cook and appreciate food.  Michelle works as a nanny and loves all the crazy antics that come with raising children.  She is currently caring for two boys, the youngest since birth.  They have definitely prepared her for all the challenges (and fun!) that children bring.  She looks forward to the day she can be a stay-at-home mom and have these memories with her own child.  



In the meantime, we have our sweet pups Rosie and Fiona.  They have the run of our big backyard, though they are learning to avoid the vegetables and flowers Michelle has planted.  Stuart was raised in the house we live in, and according to his mom has climbed every tree in the backyard.  There is plenty of room for a kiddo to run around back there. Our home is surrounded by parks and is a couple of blocks from an elementary school.  We day dream of walking to school hand in hand with our child someday.  Our families are very loving and supportive.  We each have many siblings who are excited for us to adopt a child so they can be a part of their lives.   The baby’s cousins are already looking forward to meeting them.

Michelle is the best friend any person could dream of.  She is supportive and positive with a sweet loving personality.  She often has her head in a book or a plant.  

Stuart is reliable, funny (dad jokes will be abundant) and caring.  He loves all sports and reading all kinds of books.  We both love games and game night with the family will definitely be a thing.  We enjoy traveling all over the place and have adventures.  Western Washington is a great place for camping and we keep our gear always ready to go.  




We have a blessed life but have dreamed of having children together since we first met.  We thought children would come naturally to us and that just hasn’t come to pass in our lives.  We have so much love to share and we want to love, teach, and protect your child with all our hearts. We are so grateful for your courageous and thoughtful decision.  We can’t wait to meet you and tell you more about us.  Thank you for taking the time to read our story and consider us in your plans for adoption.