Meet Julia & Darroch


We are Julia and Darroch (pronounced “Derek”), and we would like to briefly introduce ourselves. We met 6 years ago while jointly working at a promotional merchandising company where we established a great friendship. Once Julia left the company our connection continued and soon grew to be a more meaningful and amazing relationship. We married in November 2015 and have a wonderful time exploring life and having fun together; we are best friends! We like to spend time watching sports, playing games, doing puzzles, and having adventures. We are blessed with many friends, and love to try out new restaurants and venues with them. We enjoy the beach and being on the water. Our owned three bedroom home is in Woodinville, a small suburb of Seattle, which we share with our very petite and vocal Siamese cat named Daisy!

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Having a family is what we have both always wanted. Sadly we have not been able to have children.  Julia has always known that she was meant to be a mom and has education and experience in working with families and children in support services-related fields.  She currently enjoys working part time with her own women’s facial care business as her heart longs to be a stay at home mother.  Darroch works with Microsoft contracting with one of their best-selling video games companies.

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Family and heritage are the cornerstone of our lives.  Julia is proud to be Alaskan Native, Austrian, and Croatian and she grew up in a loving home here in Washington where diversity was celebrated. Darroch was born in London where his parents were working in a USA company before moving back to the United States.  We were both raised to believe that family is so very important and we share family values of respect, kindness, and love. Julia has two siblings and many cousins with children and Darroch has two siblings and many nieces and nephews. We both enjoy the good fortune to have parents who live locally who are very excited to be active grandparents!

We have firsthand knowledge of adoption with a younger brother and nieces and nephews who are adopted, and have experienced the joy of adoption on very personal levels. We support open adoption knowing it provides an opportunity for the special connection between the child and the birthmother. We recognize that this is a decision that cannot be made lightly and we respect and admire you greatly for this action.

We have so much love to share and are beyond excited to grow our family through adoption. We would be honored to be chosen. Thank you for taking the time to consider us.