Meet Ivy & Nick


Hi, we are the Preshos from Spokane, WA! Thank you for letting us share our lives with you. We are so excited about growing our family through adoption.

We met 12 years ago at Ivy’s workplace, but not because we worked together!  Ivy had worked with Nick's mom for several years. She always talked about how wonderful Nick was and how great we would get along.  Once we met, we quickly found out we were "The One" for each other and got married 6 months later.  Our wedding was simple and sweet, with a fun honeymoon to Disneyworld - just the way we wanted it!  We have now been married 11 years and our love grows deeper and stronger each day.

Nick is our church Youth Pastor who loves adults and kids alike. People are drawn to him because of his friendly, happy smile and fun personality. His schedule is very flexible as he works part-time, so he can stay home with our new baby whenever needed. Nick enjoys playing video games, camping, and outdoor activities of all kinds.


Ivy is a small business owner of three online jewelry companies.  She has awesome managers who handle the shops, which makes it possible for Ivy to be home whenever she needs to.  Ivy enjoys volunteering at a nearby crisis nursery, taking piano lessons, and tending to her garden or houseplants whenever she can!

We have a wonderful, supportive extended family living around Spokane, who are so excited to welcome and love our new baby.  We enjoy learning new things and taking on new projects. It will be so fun to have a child to enjoy all these things with! Our vacations are fun and casual and several times, we’ve gotten to take our family with us. We own a small cabin by the river and enjoy spending time there during the summer.


We love our cats that keep us entertained and most of all, we love the Lord! We're praying for this baby we'll be blessed with and we're praying for you.

Thank you for considering us!