Meet Dave, Dawn & Nolan


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Hello, we are Dave, Dawn and Nolan Schmidt.  Thanks so much for letting us share a little bit about our family with you!  Our journey together began when we met the first week of college.  It didn't take long before we became best friends and fell in love.  We married after graduation and couldn't wait to start our life together.  Shortly after our wedding, we moved to Washington and could not imagine living anywhere else.  We adopted a rescue dog, enjoyed tons of adventures camping and hiking and traveling as much as we possibly could.  We made the decision to expand our family and started fertility treatments.  In 2011 we became a family of 3 and were blessed with our son, Nolan.  Although fertility treatments were unsuccessful the second time around, we hope to share our lives with another child through adoption, and to experience the joy, laughter and love that comes with parenting another little person.

Our home is a place where our kids will always feel safe, secure and comforted.  It is also a place where they will be encouraged to appreciate the simple things in life, to do their best, treat others with kindness and laugh as often as possible!

Watching our children grow and finding the things that inspire them fills our hearts.  It's also the times when they laugh so hard at the latest knock-knock joke, grab our hands to go play with them in the snow or ask for one more story at bedtime, these things remind us every day just how much we cherish being parents.

Although we have never met, we want you to know how incredibly brave you are and that our respect for you is beyond words.  We know you have big decisions ahead of you. Please know that our hearts and prayers are with you and your baby as you navigate what is best for your lives and futures.


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