Meet Gary, Stacy & Zachary


Hello! We are Gary, Zachary and Stacy. After marrying in 2010, we were unsuccessful in having our own child and had given up hope following the failure of IVF. Deep down both of us still wanted children together so, after a few years, we turned to the amazing team of Maureen and Nancy for help at Adoption Services of Spokane. In 2015 we were very fortunate to be selected by a birthmom and receive the beautiful gift of our son Zachary. We are once again in the adoptive parent waiting pool in hopes of receiving another baby to love and to complete our family with a sibling for Zach.

Zachary is almost three years old and is a very happy child. He loves animals and also wants to be outside as much as possible. Recently he has really started to enjoy playing with toy cars and airplanes. If allowed, he would always have either the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or the Little Einsteins on the TV in the background while playing.

Gary is a computer software engineer at Google where he has worked for more than ten years.

Because his Gary's father was in the Air Force, he was born in Hawaii and moved around a lot as a child. Gary considers Idaho his home though since that is where he attended high school and then Boise State University. Gary is very interested in technology of all kinds and has even made a huge server to store hundreds of movies and TV shows on.


Stacy was born and raised in the Seattle area where her love of animals led her to become a veterinarian. She now practices holistic veterinary medicine including acupuncture.


Favorite activities are gardening, hiking, reading and quilt making. Both Stacy and Gary enjoy going to movies and concerts too. They live on 2.5 acres with three dogs, two cats and lots of wild bunnies and deer. Their neighbor next door has several horses, dogs and even a goat.

Every adoption situation is unique and I remember being unsure just what an open adoption would be like. We not only gained a son but an entire family which has been a very positive experience. Despite living a few hundred miles apart, we visit with them so that Zachary knows his birth family as he grows up. The birth parents also frequently get photos and videos texted to them. A couple of years ago I was even able to help out one of their fur family by treating a debilitating condition. It is our hope to make this extended family even bigger!

It is a huge decision that you are having to make and you deserve only the best, not only for your child but also for yourself.

Pumpkin Zach 2018


Zach & Goat at Fair 2018